Vietnam Brewery Limited


Being a proud responsible brewer committed to sustainable development of our business, community and the globe; sustainability development has long been VBL’s first priority. This year is the first time when VBL proudly presents its Sustainability Report 2014 – Brewing A Better World, reporting its efforts & socio-economic and environmental achievements together with a set of VBL’s long term commitments towards sustainability.

The sustainability report focuses on six main areas: Advocating responsible consumption, Protecting water resources, Reducing CO2 emissions, Growing with communities, Sourcing sustainably, and Promoting health and safety. Below are some highlights of its report:

– Advocating responsible consumption: VBL strongly advocate responsible drinking. In collaboration with the National Traffic Safety Committee and the provincial Traffic Safety Committees, VBL’s “Drink Don’t Drive” communication campaign has been widely implemented since 2008. Internally, VBL has in place the Alcohol Policy since 2003 that is cascaded down to all VBL employees within this organization.

– Protecting water resources: To protect water resources, VBL invests massively in production water saving technologies and state-of-the-art wastewater treatment systems. In 2014, VBL achieved an impressive reduction in water consumption by 5.9% to 3.07 hl/hl, down from 3.27 hl/hl in 2013. At VBL, waste water is strictly treated to ensure the quality of water discharged to the water surface complies with all laws & regulations.

– Reducing CO2 emissions: Over the past 4 years, VBL has continuously reduced CO2 emissions in its production operations, from 5.5 kg /hl to 3.69 kg/hl in 2014. Especially with our investment in biomass based energy generation, VBL plans to reduce CO2 emissions further to 2.34kg/hl in 2015. 100% of our new fridges are also compliant with the HEINEKEN Green Fridge Policy.

– Growing with communities: VBL’s endeavours are aimed at strategic community investments in priority areas of water and education. Throughout Vietnam, VBL proactively run water programmes, the very successful “1 Minute Less for Million Smiles” programme building the awareness of saving & protecting water. Also VBL grants “Towards Water Security” scholarships to help young environmental scientists and students to realize their water study ambitions and make effective contributions to water protection in the future in Vietnam.

In addition, VBL conducts many community support programmes such as Warm Spring, Dream Moon and blood donations, with the enthusiastic participation of our employees and business partners. These programmes support thousands of needy households, elderly and children.

Sourcing sustainably: 55% of VBL’s suppliers have signed Heineken’s world-wide Supplier Code, and VBL is on track towards its 2015 target of 100%.

Promoting health and safety: VBL has conducted yearly training and activities to place workplace safety and health as a top priority in the mindset of all employees from all functions.

VBL’s full 2014 Sustainability Report can be accessed and downloaded online at: