FrieslandCampina Viet Nam is a joint – venture company established in 1995 in Vietnam by Protrade Corporation of Binh Duong, Vietnam, and Royal FrieslandCampina – the leading dairy corporation in Netherlands with more than 140 years of worldwide operations. FrieslandCampina Vietnam has been operating for 18 years in Vietnam, supplying every year over 1.5 billions consumption units of milk with well-known and most-used brands such as Dutch Lady, Friso, Yomost, Fristi…

Committed to  improve the life of Vietnamese people, during the past 18 years, FrieslandCampina Vietnam actively initiated social activities, creating shared values with the community such as Den Don Dom Study Encouragement Fund, sustainable dairy development operation, scientific researches on nutrition, free health check and treatment to the poor, nutrition education to the public. All activities in cooperation with Ministry of Health, National Institute of Nutrition, Nutrition Association, Youth Physician Association were effectively contributing to improve life of Vietnamese.

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