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Grow better lives from farmers to consumers by making our clients successful in the production and marketing of sustainable food Mission Fresh Studio

Fresh Studio is a consultancy firm that cares about agriculture. Dedicated to deliver enjoyment to consumers Fresh Studio’s vocation is to make safe and good foods available to consumers. Based in Vietnam, Fresh Studio does so through sustainable business development. The scope of work ranges from agricultural inputs to fresh produce, food ingredients and end consumer products.

FreshWe are people who want to go the extra mile and with our feed in the mud are not shying away from unpaved paths.

Awareness and understanding are prerequisites for doing business in Asia. With international food knowledge and work experience in different countries and cultures, Fresh Studio assists clients in developing this crucial mindset, while inspiring them with refreshing insights into their sourcing, quality assurance, business development and marketing opportunities.

FreshWe take fact finding seriously and consumer insights are key to our work. We dig deep and we don’t settle for assumptions.

With a focus on future-oriented sustainable and innovative business development, the activities of Fresh Studio address the imperatives of food safety, nutrition, climate change, environmental sustainable agriculture, out of poverty elevation and gender inequality.

FreshLiving and working in a country where food safety is a daily concern we are pleased to work on food chains that contribute to a safe and healthy diet well within reach of all people.

Fresh Studio’s green stories to create a more sustainable future include:

Vitalising the Vietnamese potato sector

To reinforce potato production and boost potato consumption in Vietnam 3 companies and 1 institution with the aid of the Dutch government joined forces to vitalise the Vietnamese potato sector as part of the project “Growing out of poverty with potato”.
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Safe and sustainable pork value chain in Vietnam

In collaboration with our projects partner, we are creating the first safe and sustainable pork value chain in Vietnam. Productivity and product quality of Vietnamese pork is low. Nevertheless, Vietnam is ranking in the top 10 of most pork consuming countries. In order to enhance the pork sector, Fresh Studio and its projects partner are creating the first safe and sustainable pork value chain in Vietnam.
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Accelerating a modern greenhouse vegetable production sector in Vietnam

Vietnam has high potential to develop into a more professional and higher value agricultural and horticultural economy. The growing population and pace and scope of retail development results in a demand for higher quality products, food safety, stable supply and more up-scaled and sustainable production. To address these challenges 11 (Dutch, Vietnamese and French) companies and 2 (Dutch and Vietnamese) knowledge institutions joined forces to develop a modern greenhouse vegetable production sector.
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Powering Aquaculture Progress; developing a R&D Aquaculture farm

Together with our projects partners we are developing a Research & Development Aquaculture farm in Mekong delta. This innovative center is expected to bring the Vietnamese Aquaculture to the next level.
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